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Slip Resistant  & Specialty Care Socks 

carestep socks
Care-Steps I®

Soft combination of acrylic and stretch yarns. 

Non-slip treads on bottom.  Colorfast, machine washable. 

Sizes from Toddler to XX-Large (Adult).  Size determines color. 

Four dozen pairs, individually packaged in each case.

Retails for over $125.90


Style #80101 Infant White

$51.36 Case of 48 pairs


Style #80102 Children (Shoe Size 8-3) Moss Green

$54.24 Case of 48 pairs


Style #80103  Adult Medium Women (Shoe Size 4-12) Blue

$54.24 Case of 48 pairs


Style #80104 Men (Shoe Size 6-10)  Beige

$56.64 Case of 48 pairs


Style #80106 Ex-Large (Shoe Size 11-12) Grey

$59.04 Case of 48 pairs


Style #80108 XX-Large (Shoe Size 12+)  Moss Green

$68.64  Case of 48 pairs


slip resistant socks


High-ribbed ankle with slip-resistant treads.  

Available in assorted colors.  Sizes small to large.  

Individually packaged within each case. 

Four dozen pair per case. 

Small/Medium - Women's shoe size 4-12.  

Large/X-Large - Men's shoe size 8+

Retails for over $144.00


4 Dozen Case Price $84.96

Style #93083SE - Small/Medium - Seafoam

Style #93084NAV - Large/X-Large - Navy

Style #93084BBR - Large/X-Large - Burgundy

Style #93084BLU - Large/X-Large - Blue



Care-Steps  II®

Soft terry construction with combination of cotton and stretch yarns provide form-fitting comfort.  Non-slip flexible sole.  Sizes from 4-5 (toddler) through 11-12 (adult).  

Retails for over $363.34


Case of 5 Dozen Price $239.40

Style #80210 - Toddler 4-5 White 

Style #80211 - Toddler 6-7 White 

Style #80201 - Child 8-10 Yellow

Style #80202 - Child 11-13 Yellow

Style #80203 - Child 1-3 Yellow

Style #80204 - Adult 5-6 Beige

Style #80205 - Adult 6-7 Beige

Style #80207 - Adult 7-8 Beige

Style #80208 - Adult 9-10 Beige

Style #80209 - Adult 11-12 Beige


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